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The digital transformation has created an enormous demand for highly talented, first-class trained professionals and specialists across almost all sectors. After all, their digital skills are decisive for the future viability of companies. Be prepared – we know the market environment very well and know where and how we can identify highly qualified candidates who match your exact requirements and match them with your company.

recruiting for digital people recruiting for digital people

Your Digital Business Needs The Best People.


We are your recruiting partner if you are looking for the best talents for your company: A Head of Marketing with digital and classic DNA, for example, a sales manager, a freelancer for CRM, SEO or SEA or an entire start-up team. The digital transformation has reached all sectors and management levels of the economy, catapulting the demand for digital competence to dizzying heights. What good is the perfect strategy, the best business model on paper, if time is pressing and the right talents for its realization are missing? The solution? Talk to BrainTalents, the digital specialist for professional recruiting!

Our Approach

5 Steps To Success

  • This first exchange is about a brief, mutual introduction to get to know each other, in which we discuss your goals, wishes and expectations. We introduce you to our working methods, exchange basic information about the position(s) you are looking for and your corporate culture, and talk about the timing and conditions for a future collaboration.
  • After the contract has been signed and the official mandate has been issued, the project starts with a detailed briefing interview. Together we clarify all facets of the requirement profile for the position(s) sought. This includes both the professional and personal skills that are particularly important to you. We get to know your company better and then talk in detail about your corporate culture, the team structures, and the corresponding reporting lines.

    - What are your company goals and organizational structure?
    - What role should the potential employee take on?
    - What interfaces exist?
    - Which competencies are not yet covered in the team?

    As an experienced sparring partner with excellent industry knowledge and a strong digital mindset, we can advise you in all phases of the implementation of personnel structures if required.
  • Once we have a precise picture of the position you are looking for, we develop a custom-fit recruiting strategy for you. Both analogue and digital channels, technology-supported HR tools and our own, first-class enriched high-potential database are relevant at this point. And of course, first and foremost: very valuable, personal contacts!
  • In this step, we pre-select promising candidates who appear to be suitable and take them on to the next round. Each of the candidates goes through 1-2 interviews in which we ask about their professional skills and personal facets and put them to the test. We evaluate the mutual wishes and expectations to ensure an optimal fit. The principle of "only the best" applies: We only recommend candidates whom we unanimously consider to be the best choice. For each of these top candidates, we create an informative OnePager that succinctly sums up the profile. The more intensively we work together in this phase - with dedicated feedback on the candidates and open, direct communication - the faster we succeed in filling the vacant position successfully and sustainably.
  • In this final phase we act as an understanding mediator and support to both contracting parties in an advisory capacity. Always with the aim of creating a fair, trusting foundation for our long-term cooperation.

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