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Are you looking for top managers who can confidently lead your company into the digital future and face global challenges with determination and new ideas? BrainTalents recruits exceptional leadership personalities with a dazzling digital DNA for you. People who can secure and expand entrepreneurial success and identify new market opportunities with their first-class expertise.

“Digitalization is a mammoth task that does not allow for major mistakes. No one in the company should be unaware of this task.”

Manuel Huhmann

Our attention is explicitly focused on high performers who not only support the digital change with foresight, but also shape it with impetus. And we do everything to ensure that your company is recognized as an innovative market player. The use of AI-based tests and personality analyses document the “mental fit” in detail in a meaningful web-based dossier for each candidate. In combination with many other selection tools, you can be confident that there is also a substantial performance forecast behind each profile. It goes without saying that we take diversity criteria, multicultural sensitivity, and female equality into account.

recruiting for digital people recruiting for digital people

Executive Search and BrainTalents?

Best Friends!

High Potentials at the C-level know very well their value in a world of Digital Change, regardless of whether they occupy positions on a board, committee or as executives. They also speak a language that leaves no room for misunderstandings. Facts and figures by themselves are not enough to convince them, but it is crucial to kindle the flame of their “Executive Spirit” when it comes to their new leadership endeavor. Is that a tremendous challenge? Yes! But it is one of the most exciting and enticing challenges for us. You could even call it the ultimate challenge. Without a highly confidential, open, and respectful dialogue about personal expectations, attitudes as well as ethical and cultural standards this is a long shot, at best. Why? This is because only leaders who precisely fit the corporate culture of our clients will end up being successful. It is our goal to carefully combine the modalities and desires of both sides involved to ensure smooth contract negotiations and bring the deal to a successful conclusion.

Executive Search IS

A Matter of Trust!

We appreciate the trust our customers place in us! And we are at your side with our entire digital expertise, our in-depth market and industry know-how and our recruiting process, which has been proven and developed over many years to be able to present you with the leadership personalities you want for your company’s success.

What sets us apart:

  • Active digital professional and industry expertise.
  • Insider know-how and network
  • Personal support with a consistent approach to solutions
  • Mature method and process quality
  • Focused, digital boutique character instead of high-volume brokerage
  • Exclusive, individual quality of advice

We are consistency in the recruiting process, with clear communication, loyalty to our clients and enthusiasm for the digital world. Our relationship with our clients is based on mutual listening, understanding and consultation at eye level.

In short, we combine authentic values with in-depth industry expertise and excellent recruiting know-how. Whether it is about finding the perfect candidate for a newly created position, filling a vacancy that has arisen, or building an entire management team – we are your top recruiting partner for digital leadership personalities.

Our Process –

goal-oriented to successful completion

Digital and personal does not have to be contradictory! This is also demonstrated by our data-driven, but at the same time, very individually oriented executive process:

1 Introductory Conversation

This first exchange is about a short mutual introduction, a common understanding of goals and expectations and the alignment of the approach.

2 Offer

After your positive feedback, we prepare an individual offer – including a brief description of the task and an initial rough assessment of the candidate potential.

3 Briefing Interview

A structured briefing discussion, which takes approx. 1.5 hours to create, is the basis for an optimal profile definition and a good understanding of your vision, your strategy and your corporate goals.

4 Re-Briefing

Our re-briefing presentation briefly and concisely shows how we understand the task, as well as  which requirements or content parameters determine our search strategy.

5 Search

We then start the search process on all relevant channels – from our executive pool to specific networks – to identify the best leaders for you. In doing so, we do not only rely on common search methods, but also go beyond the norm due to our deep understanding of the industry.

6 Candidate Evaluation

In a two-stage interview process, including personality assessment, if desired, we filter out the essence of top candidates for you.

7 Candidate Dossier

The top candidates are presented via a personalized project board with a summary, CV, references, and the results of the personality assessment. The digital project board allows feedback in real time.

8 Final Decision

Now your interview process begins. We are happy to support you in coordinating appointments, accompany the interviews and your internal process until the contract is signed.

You can contact us…

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We look forward to meeting you!


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