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Selecting relevant Keywords is crucial in order to be able to have a significant influence on the rankings in search engines and thereby reach the majority of potential applicants. 

The majority of job hunters uses the internet to find interesting job offers. In order for a company to reach as many candidates as possible, it should place its job listings on the company’s own career page. Job hunters also use job websites as well as search engines to look for vacant positions. In this context, SEO in recruitment is important for every company in order to be found by potential applicants. The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. 

The aim is for the company website with the current job listings to be listed high up in the rankings of search engine results. This is how more visitors to the website can be attracted – ideally also those who only happened to come across the company passively. In order for the search engine to list the website at the top organically, i.e. without the purchase of advertisements by the company, some requirements have to be met. 

The content on the website must be well structured and clearly displayed for the purposes of SEO in recruitment. Keywords which should redirect to the company from the search engine results have to be mentioned on the career page. It is important to use terms that have a general validity and also to avoid using abbreviations and codes. 

Additionally, the headings must be configured to conform to search engines. This means that they should be as short as possible, as the largest search engine providers cut off the text after 60 characters. 

If the company inserts images, it must be ensured that there are also passages with text only (i.e. not included in the image file), otherwise the search engine will disregard the image. 

SEO in recruiting is a great way for companies to place their job listings cost-effectively.