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Professional Fit describes the matching of requirements of the company regarding work experience, tasks and qualifications with the candidate’s skills. 

Professional Fit determines whether the company’s requirements and expectations match the qualifications of the applicant. Career goals and expectations of potential employees are juxtaposed with the goals of the company and its available resources. 

In contrast to Cultural Fit, the focus is on Hard Skills here. This is why Professional Fit is relatively easy to determine. Qualifications, skills and work experience are measurable and comparable. Companies get a first impression of the Professional Fit from the application documents, because the CV, degrees, references, additional qualifications, certificates and recommendations also illustrate the Hard Skills of the applicants. 

Professional Fit is also something tangible for applicants. A first impression of the company’s expectations is usually already given in the job listing. Based on these, an initial assessment can be made as to whether the applicant meets the professional requirements and also whether the expectations and goals that come with the position can be met. 

During the job interview, direct contact is used to determine whether this first impression is confirmed and whether the applicant is actually suitable for the vacant position. The applicant also makes a final assessment of whether or not they see their professional future with this employer. An assessment centre, recruitment test or other methods of personnel selection can also be included in this process. 


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