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In contrast to Onboarding, Offboarding is the professionally prepared departure of an employee from the company. The aim is to create a positive atmosphere for the departing employee. 

If an employee leaves the company, the process should be well-structured and organised: This is called Offboarding or Exit Management. In contrast to Onboarding (the incorporation of a new employee), less effort is often put into this process, even though professional Offboarding can have a fundamental impact on the company’s image. 

One part of Offboarding are the technical procedures, which include the coordinated return of keys, ID cards and other company property. 

The second part of Offboarding is socio-emotional and should not be underestimated. Executives should still maintain a professional attitude, even if the employment ends on bad terms. The process of Offboarding should not be outsourced but should be taken care of personally, potentially with the help of an internal coach, consultant or mediator. 

During the exit interview, which is also part of Offboarding, the employee can take this opportunity to raise any points of criticism. This allows the company the opportunity to redesign and optimise. Ideally, the employee leaves the company on a positive note and conveys this image to potential new employees, customers and future business partners. 

In addition, the atmosphere over the course of the Offboarding process also affects the quality of the Onboarding of a new employee by the departing employee. 


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