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Keywords are the basis for successful SEO and SEA strategies. They are the key for Google algorithms to evaluate the relevance of the website and as a result to rank it accordingly in the Google search results. The more suitable the Keywords, the greater the chances of appearing at the top of the Google search results. 

Keywords are the terms entered into a search engine. The search engine uses the search algorithms to match the Keywords with the stored websites. This makes Keywords an important element of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The more frequent Keywords are used on the website, the higher the websites will be listed in the search results. 

Keywords can be divided into the following categories: 

Money Keywords: These are Keywords that have a high monthly volume of search queries and are transaction-oriented. This can refer to commercial website such as “leasing a car” as well as non-commercial websites such as “hiking trails in South Tyrol”. 

Brand Keywords: These are Keywords that specifically relate to a brand, such as “Adidas”. 

Compound Keywords: These are Keywords that combine two user intentions. For example, “buy Adidas sneakers” is a combination of a Brand Keyword and a Money Keyword. 

Other Keywords: All other Keywords that cannot be classified into the above listed categories are grouped into this generic term. 

Keywords can also be further classified into long-tail, mid-tail and short-tail Keywords. Long-tail Keywords are long, complex search queries that are used less frequently. They consist of at least four or more words. Search queries with two to three words are referred to as mid-tail. Short-tail Keywords consist of only one word. The shorter the Keyword, the higher the search volume. 

When entering Keywords, it is important to ask which ones the users are likely to use in their search. For example, do users only search for the term “car” when they want to buy a car or rather “buy a car”? Furthermore, it is important to pay attention to the websites that simultaneously appear in the list of search engine results. Tools offer assistance in finding the ideal Keywords for the website. 


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