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A Headhunter assists in the search for candidates. Headhunters are often commissioned by companies and are responsible for the direct search and approach of suitable candidates. 

Headhunters are recruiters that look for suitable candidates for a position. Typically, these are positions for highly qualified professionals and managers. 

Headhunters possess in-depth knowledge of the specific sector and the job market. They often worked as successful managers in the respective sector themselves and therefore bring very good professional know-how as well as insider knowledge to the table. Due to their links with the industry, Headhunters have a large network and databases, which is also their capital. 

Companies commission Headhunters for different reasons. On the one hand, if companies are stuck in their search for new employees and need support. On the other hand, if companies do not want to openly announce their search for a candidate or if they are looking for a very specific profile. 

The job of a Headhunter already starts with supporting the search process by drafting the candidate’s desired profile and consulting the company. Afterwards, the Headhunters start the search by using their network and placing listings without naming the company. Once the Headhunter has found suitable candidates, their documents, certificates and references will be checked. Furthermore, the Headhunter utilises interviews, aptitude tests and potential analyses to assess candidates. If the candidates match the profile, they will then be presented to the company. 

A Headhunter works on a mandate basis. The remuneration is to be paid according to the contractual agreement, e.g. 1/3 after assigning the contract, 1/3 upon presentation of the candidates and 1/3 upon successful placement. The amount of the remuneration depends on the candidate’s annual salary. 

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