Digital Recruitment

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Recruitment of professionals and executives is mostly done digitally. Companies use the whole scope of the internet for recruitment, whether that’s the company’s own website, job websites or social media. 

The variety of online possibilities allows companies to take Active Sourcing for professionals and executives into their own hands. This, however, does not spell the end for recruitment consultants. On the contrary – Digitalisation has created a plethora of job profiles with special skills such as jobs in online marketing, e-commerce or Business Intelligence. It is precisely in these areas that HR staff is dependent on the experience of recruitment consultants. Recruitment consultants possess a certain know-how of the sector and are aware of current developments in this field. This is why they are able to communicate with the candidates as equals and can verify the required professional qualifications. Another advantage is the fact that the recruitment consultants can help convince the candidates of the position and the company. Recruitment consultants also use digital channels for their searches. Candidates can be contacted directly via job websites and social media. 

Support from recruitment consultants offers yet another major added value, in particular for positions in digital sectors. Due to the lack of professionals in the digital sector, candidates who are not actively looking for a job have to be contacted using Active Sourcing Recruitment consultants possess an extensive network of candidates. They know the candidates and their personality, as well as their motivation to change jobs. This is why recruitment consultants have a good grasp on whether or not the candidate fits the company and will stay there long-term. 

This goes to show that digital recruitment is a trend that is becoming more and more important as technology advances. However, technologies should only be used as supportive tools in this process. Personal contact and a rapport based on trust are still the decisive factors when it comes to making the right personnel decisions.

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