Cultural Fit

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The term Cultural Fit describes the alignment of values of an employee and the company, as well as the resulting behaviours.

The term Cultural Fit originated in the field of personnel psychology. Cultural Fit describes the level of alignment of behaviours and values of an applicant or employee and the employer. Employers expect shared values to motivate and retain employees in the long term.

Cultural Fit is becoming more and more important in companies. The social skills of employees have become just as important as their professional qualifications. Employees should be similar in terms of their way of working, their characteristics and values and thus have a positive influence on corporate culture. Just as the behaviour of the employees affects corporate culture, so does corporate culture affect the behaviour of the employees. If there is discord between the employees, this puts a strain on the working atmosphere. A high level of teamwork, on the other hand, promotes a positive working atmosphere, which significantly increases employee performance.

It is, however, not only the employer who is interested in Cultural Fit. Applicants and employees also look for employers that match their personal values and behaviours. Due to the lack of skilled labour, applicants can choose between many job offers. This has made Cultural Fit an important factor in their decision making. A suitable corporate culture is also a key factor when it comes to retaining employees. According to a study conducted by “CompanyMatch”, 60 % of respondents stated that they had already resigned once because their own values did not match the corporate culture.

This is why companies should not underestimate Cultural Fit and should highlight their corporate culture as part of employer branding. Furthermore, satisfied employees contribute to the company being presented as a good employer to the outside world.

The bottom line: Cultural Fit is not just a trendy term, but is already being practised in companies. Professional qualifications are not the only decisive factor in having satisfied and motivated employees. Shared values contribute to a positive working atmosphere and thus the success of the company.

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