Social Media Manager

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Have you always wanted to find out about the working life of a Social Media Manager, what requirements are needed for the job, what salary you can expect and what job opportunities this presents? Our job descriptions introduce you to a variety of exciting tasks within the field of Digital Marketing. In this case we focus on the Social Media Manager:


  • You are responsible for planning and broadcasting content via social media and serve as the “voice to the outside world”
  • You develop, implement and continuously analyse communication strategies
  • You create text, image and video content that is broadcast on various channels
  • Based on your analysis, you create action plans and continuously optimise the performance of your strategies
  • As part of community management, you are in close contact with users, react to feedback and are responsible for any crisis management that may arise


Education/training: You have successfully completed a degree in business, have completed comparable vocational training or are a lateral entrant, ideally with prior experience in corporate communication through internships etc.

Further requirements: You possess a strong understanding of social media and have a professional presence on social media yourself You possess basic SEO skills and are tech-savvy

Tools: You are well-versed in working with common social media planning tools, all MS Office applications as well as image and video editing programmes

HOW MUCH DOES AN Social Media Manager EARN?

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Entry level: 25.000 – 30.000

Mid-level: 40.000 – 50.000

Executive level: 65.000 – 70.000

WHERE ARE Social Media Manager NEEDED?

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  • E-commerce and online marketing agencies