Influencer Marketing Manager

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Have you always wanted to find out about the working life of a Influencer Marketing Manager, what requirements are needed for the job, what salary you can expect and what job opportunities this presents? Our job descriptions introduce you to a variety of exciting tasks within the field of Digital Marketing. In this case we focus on the Influencer Marketing Manager:


  • In your role as Influencer Marketing Manager, you are responsible for acquiring influencers and bloggers
  • You design your employer’s or customer’s presence on various social media channels and coordinate the activities of the acquired cooperation partners
  • You develop tailor-made concepts for unique campaigns that are based on your target group analyses
  • Based on the analysis of your campaign’s performance, you identify optimisation potential for future projects
  • In the long term, you ensure increased brand awareness through the targeted use of opinion leaders


Education/training: You have successfully completed a degree in business or have completed comparable vocational training, which you have ideally expanded with internships

Further requirements: You are creative, communicative, possess a great feel for trends and a great affinity for advertisement and social media

Tools: You are well-versed in working with common online marketing tools and all social media channels

HOW MUCH DOES AN Influencer Marketing Manager EARN?

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Entry-level: 35.000 – 40.000

Mid-level: 40.000 – 60.000

Executive-level:  60.000 – 70.000

WHERE ARE Influencer Marketing Manager NEEDED?

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  • Communication, advertisement and media agencies
  • Companies with corresponding target groups