Graphic Designer

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Have you always wanted to find out about the working life of a Graphic Designer, what requirements are needed for the job, what salary you can expect and what job opportunities this presents? Our job descriptions introduce you to a variety of exciting tasks within the field of Digital Marketing. In this case we focus on the Graphic Designer:


  • In your role as Graphic Designer, you design graphics together with the marketing department of your customers, consult them and develop ideas with them and then implement those ideas
  • You also create visual concepts and are responsible for implementing them
  • Developing a suitable design and the continuous development of projects are also part of your responsibilities as well as the estimation of offers


Education/training: You have successfully completed a degree in communication design, graphic design or media design

Further requirements: You are creative, possess a great feel for design as well as usability, plus creative and conceptual development and implementation are your strong suit

Tools: You are well-versed in working with Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, Bridge) and are very confident in working with design tools and editing programmes

HOW MUCH DOES AN Graphic Designer EARN?

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Entry level: 25.000 – 31.000

Mid-Level: 31.000 – 45.000

Executive level: 45.000 – 50.000

WHERE ARE Graphic Designer NEEDED?

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  • Advertisement, media and PR agencies
  • Departments for graphic design; book, newspaper and magazine publishers
  • PR departments in large companies