Content Marketing Manager

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Have you always wanted to find out about the working life of a Content Marketing Manager, what requirements are needed for the job, what salary you can expect and what job opportunities this presents? Our job descriptions introduce you to a variety of exciting tasks within the field of Digital Marketing. In this case we focus on the Content Marketing Manager:


  • In this position, you are responsible for online portals, create unique content with added value and publish it on various channels such as online magazines and social networks
  • You design a target group-specific content strategy and subsequently create editorial plans
  • You work closely with the related departments of SEO and social media marketing and you also take aspects of search engine optimisation, among others, into account as part of your tasks
  • You monitor trends, create action plans based on your analyses and implement them accordingly


Education/training: You have successfully completed a degree in communications science, have trained as a media designer or are a lateral entrant in this field, ideally with an editorial or journalistic background

Further requirements: Your writing style is unique, you are confident in spelling and grammar and you independently find cutting-edge topics

Tools: You are well-versed in working with content management systems as well as image and video editing programmes

HOW MUCH DOES AN Content Marketing Manager EARN?

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Entry level: 30.000 – 40.000

Mid-Level: 40.000 – 50.000

Executive level:  60.000 – 70.000

WHERE ARE Content Marketing Manager NEEDED?

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  • Agencies
  • Larger companies
  • E-commerce