Business Intelligence Manager

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Have you always wanted to find out about the working life of a Business Intelligence Manager, what requirements are needed for the job, what salary you can expect and what job opportunities this presents? Our job descriptions introduce you to a variety of exciting tasks within the field of Digital Marketing. In this case we focus on the Business Intelligence Manager:


  • In your role as BI Manager, you develop business intelligence with big data and statistical methods
  • You analyse and optimise the Customer Journey and user data of customers and are responsible for the continuous development of web tracking
  • Developing efficient reporting and planning applications can also be part of your tasks, depending on the employer
  • Additionally, you create visualisations and informative analyses


Education/training: You have successfully completed a degree in economics, IT or maths or have completed comparable vocational training

Further requirements: You already have previous experience in the area of data management/data science and bring a goal-oriented approach and very good analytical skills to the table

Tools: Furthermore, you have good knowledge of web analytics (Google Analytics), the visualisation of data as well as (if possible) when it comes to working with databases and to developing with Python

HOW MUCH DOES AN Business Intelligence Manager EARN?

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Entry level: 37.000 – 53.000

Mid-Level: 50.000 – 70.000

Executive level:  68.000 – 95.000

WHERE ARE Business Intelligence Manager NEEDED?

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  • Product or services companies
  • Agencies