Performance Marketing

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Performance Marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which data is evaluated and made measurable for further steps. 

This strategy is a form of interactive direct marketing and is mostly used online. It focuses on generating as many actions from or interactions with potential customers. 

While other online marketing strategies emphasise the greatest possible reach, Performance Marketing focuses on measurable reactions from the target group. The interactions with potential future or existing customers and their behaviour are clear and tangible. The desired tangible results include, for example, seeing whether potential customers click on links and advertisements, use the corresponding online shop to make purchases or register for a newsletter. 

The progress of the campaign is directly visible and can therefore be adjusted very easily and promptly if necessary. It also provides results very quickly. Because of this, Performance Marketing is financially viable due to its flexible and effective design. The company’s renown is increased through its online presence, clicks are being generated and opportunities for customer acquisition and retention are created. 

If the company is working with an advertisement partner, their performance counts and they will be remunerated in line with the success of the campaign. In this case, it is therefore not enough to reach as many people as possible, but they should above all be motivated to interact actively. 

The use of search engine optimised (SEO) content, affiliate marketing, collaborations, campaigns in social media and Content Marketing are all part of Performance Marketing. 


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