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Onboarding describes the process of integrating a new employee into a company. The new employee should feel welcome from the very first day and should settle into the new role right away. A smooth Onboarding process is essential to a successful start in the company for both employer and employee.

A successful start and a smooth integration of new employees into a company is not a matter of luck. The Onboarding of new colleagues is an important and well-structured process.

The incorporation of new employees into a company comprises much more than just the initial training for the new job. Onboarding already starts at signing the contract. The employer has to prepare the work space, apply for passwords and inform colleagues about their new team member. On the first day, the new employee is welcomed and introduced to colleagues with a small gesture, such as a bouquet of flowers. Information about the company such as organisational charts, the corporate vision as well as common rules and practices of the corporate culture are explained to the new employee in an initial conversation. It is helpful to assign a mentor to the new employee who will take care of them during the first months, such as showing them around the company or answering questions.

The superior should regularly conduct appraisals with the new team member in order to communicate expectations and resolve discrepancies. It is also a good idea to strengthen the team spirit among incumbent and new employees through joint team-building activities, which promote a positive working atmosphere.

The Onboarding process lasts at least until the end of the probationary period, but can also be extended to up to one year. The more time the employer invests in Onboarding, the higher the probability that the employee feels comfortable, is loyal to the company and further recommends it as an attractive employer. Successful Onboarding promotes staff motivation and productivity.


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