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An appraisal serves to discuss the status quo as well as the outlook for the weeks and months ahead. It is also about the expectations, plans and goals of the employee and their superior. 

An appraisal is a meeting between executives and employees and is more extensive and in-depth than the usual daily exchange. It is an important aspect of employee management. 

Reasons for an appraisal can vary – both negative and positive events can lead to appraisals. These irregular appraisals are in contrast to regular meetings for general status meetings. Depending on the occasion, the appraisal can be formal or rather informal. 

In any case, all parties involved should prepare for the appraisal. The meeting should be respectful and at eye level. Ideally, feedback from both sides is raised. Criticism should be factual and constructive. There is no room for abusive language and excessive emotions in an appraisal. 

Praise, recognition and appreciation, on the other hand, should always be expressed. At the end of the appraisal interview, a common consensus is ideally reached or strengthened. Future goals are clear and active steps to achieve them have been discussed. 

Additionally, appraisals serve to enhance communication and exchange among staff members. This offers advantages for both parties: A healthy conversation culture creates trust in executives and the company. Employee satisfaction is increased and this, in turn, increases their motivation to perform at their best for the company. 


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