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Sustainable Human Resource Management is geared towards the economic success of the company with the aim of keeping employees in the company for as long as possible and acting in a competitive and success-oriented manner. 

This area of human resource management focuses on concepts within which personnel management fulfils its responsibility towards employees. The focus is not on short-term profit increases, but on long-term success. 

On the one hand, the physical health of the employees is ensured, for example through ergonomic workplace design. On the other hand, mental health is also a priority. Discrimination and unequal treatment in the workplace are counteracted and human rights are upheld. 

Additionally, Sustainable Human Resource Management addresses appropriate remuneration and opportunities for continued education. Employees are also recognised as having self-responsibility and self-efficacy. There are regular conversations, exchanges and feedback. The focus is on knowledge and competences, which can also result in a reorientation and adaptation of current structures. 

Sustainable Human Resource Management contributes to ensuring that employees work for the company for as long as possible. The measures taken and concepts implemented also have a positive impact on motivation and, consequently, the productivity and effectiveness of the employees, because they feel connected to the company and are therefore willing to increase their work performance. 

Sustainable Human Resource Management is an investment in human capital that makes a company competitive and equipped for the future. Especially in today’s “war for talent”, the good reputation of a sustainable company can definitely yield advantages.