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The search for qualified and motivated candidates is crucial to the success of a company. To make this search as effective as possible, several methods can be used, such as Active Sourcing. 

The search for qualified and motivated candidates is paramount to many companies, since personnel is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of a company in many sectors. This is why competition for employees between companies is fierce and the search for candidates is becoming increasingly time-consuming and costly. 

The search for candidates starts with personnel planning. The aim is to fill a vacant position with a suitable candidate. There are a number of channels that companies use to approach candidates. 

The most common way is to publish a job listing on the company’s career page, job websites or in the newspaper. As these channels become less and less important, employers are increasingly turning to social networks for their recruitment needs. By now, employers have their own profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn etc. It is important for them to post updates on these pages and to get in touch with their followers. 

As passive candidate search is no longer sufficient to fill positions, employers are increasingly resorting to Active Sourcing. This includes, for example, presenting the company at job fairs or actively browsing CV databases for suitable candidates that might never have applied with the company on their own. 

If companies do not have time to take care of Active Sourcing themselves, they can also commission a recruitment agency/Headhunter. Headhunters are particularly popular with companies for support when it comes to filling specialist and executive positions. 

Another helpful partner in the search for candidates is the “Agentur für Arbeit” (German Employment Agency). The employer service offers placement and counselling services to companies. Additionally, the Employment Agency can also assist in the search for foreign candidates. 

The appeal of the employer also plays a role in the successful search for candidates. This is why measures within the framework of employer branding should not be neglected.