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Recruitment is the part of human resource management that focuses specifically on filling job vacancies. 

The goal in recruitment is to fill open positions with suitable employees. The respective needs are identified and measures are planned and implemented accordingly. Recruitment is a multi-layered area of responsibility and the process leading up to the hiring of new employees takes place over several stages. 

It starts with drafting a requirement profile for the vacant position. Required qualifications are defined and the job listing is then published. This is followed by direct contact with applicants through personal or telephone interviews and the final selection of an applicant. The recruitment process ends with the subsequent processing of the contract. 

Additionally, internal areas of responsibility, such as personnel development, are also part of recruitment. The demands of potential new employees have become the focus of attention, because the goal is to retain top employees in the company for the long run. Therefore, authenticity, flexibility and willingness to accommodate should also be put into practice in recruitment. 

Due to the high demand for qualified employees, there is now a lack of skilled labour. Recruitment methods are therefore constantly changing in the “war for talent”. By now, Active Sourcing and personnel marketing have also become part of recruitment. This results in further tasks in addition to typical recruitment, such as the creation and maintenance of talent pools, the organisation of recruitment events and employer branding measures.