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Personnel selection comprises multiple steps during which a recruiter or HR staff selects the most suitable candidate(s). 

Over the course of the personnel selection process, a recruiter or HR staff selects the most suitable candidate from all applicants. 

In general, this process is divided into several parts. The first step is to post a job listing for the vacant position. Afterwards, the submitted application documents are reviewed and pre-selected. The final selection of the employees can be done in multiple ways, or by combining some of them. 

If a position is only listed internally or if the eligible candidates have been contacted via Executive Search, some steps might be superfluous or can be adjusted accordingly. At the same time, it is also possible that this process looks different depending on the company, the sector and the country. 

In any case, the complete application documents are absolutely necessary. This includes diplomas and references as well as certificates for any additional qualifications. Recommendations and work samples can also be submitted. 

Following a review of the documents, there is usually an interview with the potential future employees. This can be done via telephone, video call or in person. In some circumstances, a recruitment test will also be conducted. Applicants often also go through an assessment centre, during which they demonstrate their skills. 

Some of these possible approaches are more costly than others. However, the deliberate selection of qualified employees is crucial, because the working atmosphere, work performance and therefore the success of the entire company depend on it.