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Interview questions help the applicants and employers to get to know each other as the first step during the application process. Additionally, this is where professional qualifications, motivation and personal goals of the candidates can be discussed. 

The interview is essential when starting a job. It helps the applicants and future employers to get to know each other. While the application documents emphasise professional qualifications, the aim of the interview is to learn about the personality and motivation of the applicants. 

The first thing the future employers bring up with potential employees is the motivation behind the application. This is where the employers can find out what expectations the applicants bring to the position and whether or not they have understood the responsibilities of the job. 

Another part of the questioning should focus on the company and the sector in which it does business in order to find out if the applicants have looked into the company and know the essential facts about it. 

Over the course of the interview, the qualifications listed in the CV are touched on. This stage of the interview focuses on the experiences of the applicants during their career up to now and how they handled challenges in their professional life. 

The next step is to find out the motivation of the applicants, what they envision the job to be like as well as their career goals. This includes their career outlook, e.g. where they see themselves in five to ten years. 

Next, it is about the applicant’s personality and how they work with colleagues. In this context, the topic of conflicts and their resolution is also raised. 

In addition, the last part of the interview asks about the applicant’s reaction to criticism and how they deal with crisis situations. Typically, the applicants should report on setbacks at this point of the interview and expand on how they dealt with them. 

Which questions are asked in more detail during the interview depends on the position being filled.