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The aim of human resource planning is to provide the right staff with the right qualifications. Human resource planning mainly results from the financial means and competitiveness of the company. 

Assessments of short-, medium- and long-term HR needs are carried out in this area of human resource planning. This ensures that the workload that arises is taken on by an appropriate number of employees. This maintains a continuous workflow in the company and prevents interruptions or stagnation. 

Human resource planning is a central junction between company planning and HR planning. Staff planning is based on the company’s sales planning. Human resource planning is used to determine how many employees are needed and which qualifications they should bring to the table. 

It also specifies when and in what time frame they are to work for the company and in which area (for example, in which branch or department) there is a need for employees. 

Human resource planning initially focuses on the company’s objectives, based on which HR needs are analysed. This documents the current situation and is also the starting point for other areas and responsibilities within HR. 

Subsequently, the quantitative and qualitative needs are determined. Quantitative need refers to the number of staff required, while qualitative need refers to the technical requirements that need to be met. 

The next step is to plan and implement appropriate measures. These are reviewed later on and can be adjusted if necessary.