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High Potentials are highly qualified and particularly talented emerging employees. They contribute significantly to the success of the company with their very good performance and outstanding skills. 

This term relates to workers who can deliver extensive and high professional performance due to their qualifications and characteristics. In most cases, this refers to rising junior staff. 

High Potentials display a combination of several characteristics. Their talent is unmistakable and they already delivered exceptional work in their previous education/training. Moreover, they can identify with the company’s philosophy and are fully committed to it. This results in above-average dedication and particularly high motivation. 

Additionally, High Potentials are competent, flexible and resilient. They can see and analyse the bigger picture. Even in difficult times, they keep their eye on the target and pursue it relentlessly. This not only makes them excellent employees but also extremely suitable executives. 

In addition to their great education/training and technical know-how, they also possess great Soft Skills. They interact seamlessly with superiors, co-workers and colleagues, can self-reflect and do not shy away from challenging conversations. 

Incorporating High Potentials is extremely beneficial for the whole company. It is also a way to gain loyal and committed employees who can lead charismatically and skilfully motivate their staff. High Potentials contribute directly to the success of the company through their abundance of beneficial skills and competences.