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Employee reviews enable applicants to publicly voice their opinion on a company they have applied to anonymously. Applicants research their potential employer very carefully. To do so, they do not only use information they find on the website of the company or in the job listing. Potential employees want a realistic impression of their future employer and also use employee review portals to do their research. Often times former applicants and (former) employees use these online review portals to share their experiences with employers.

Typical topics include: 

  • Job interview 
  • Salary
  • Working atmosphere 
  • Leadership approach 
  • Work-life balance. 

Reviews are done using grades or point systems. Additional individual feedback can be entered into text fields. 

Based on the reviews, the portals create rankings of the best employers. This is great publicity, in particular for unknown companies who want to attract and impress applicants. Some portals offer the possibility to include job listings so that applicants are informed about them. 

It is important for employers to react to the reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. For example, employers could thank the reviewer if they write a positive review. In case of negative reviews, the employer should react in a factual and professional manner and also indicate that they take the criticism seriously. Employers can also encourage their employees to write realistic reviews about them. 

It is recommended for employers to keep an eye on these employee review portals and, in particular, to make use of them as tools when it comes to employer branding. Realistic reviews grant potential applicants authentic insight into the company and its working environment and corporate culture, which can increase credibility and impress applicants.