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E-Recruiting is the digitalisation of the overall application and recruitment process. From the online job listing, to the administration of personnel data in software – every step has been digitalised in E-Recruiting. The aim is to simplify the recruitment process in order to save time and money and to win over skilled personnel for the company. 

E-Recruiting starts with the job listing. Most companies use the career section of their websites or online job websites for this purpose. The advantage of an online job listing is that the listing can be adjusted at any time (as opposed to job listings in print) and can be accessed over a longer period of time. 

Furthermore, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as well as career networks like Xing or LinkedIn are taking on an increasingly important role in recruitment. 

Applicants also use their smartphones more and more to search for open positions and also prefer to submit their applications via their smartphones. That is why it is important for companies to offer a smartphone-optimised website to ensure that the documents can easily be submitted by the applicant that way. The more user-friendly the process, the more applications the company will receive. 

In the further course of the E-recruiting process, many companies use application management software in order to manage the applicant data. The system, for example, sends an automatic acknowledgement of receipt to the applicants or analyses and sorts the applications according to certain criteria. This can help reduce the time spent on the time-consuming process of sifting through application documents. HR software offers valuable support in the area of E-Recruiting – from the management of appointments for job interviews to legally compliant rejections of candidates. While use of this software may be subject to a charge, the time saved far outweighs these costs. 

It has become very apparent that there is no way around E-Recruiting for companies any more. Applicants expect to be able to submit their documents instantly. The advantages of E-Recruiting outweigh the disadvantages for both employers and applicants.