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A detailed briefing is the basis for the cooperation between a company and a specialised service provider. Based on this briefing, recruitment agencies will look for the right candidates. 

The briefing is the very beginning of cooperation between a company and a specialised recruitment service provider. External service providers can be Headhunters, recruiters, recruitment consultants or companies working in the area of temporary employment. 

The briefing is an informational discussion between the recruitment agency (client) and the service provider (contractor). In this discussion, the expectations of the client are discussed in detail in order to find the right candidate for the vacant position. 

The first step is to develop a precise requirement profile for the vacant position. The aim is for the service provider to get a clear idea of the position. One part of the requirement profile is the description of the responsibilities that come with the position. This includes an explanation of what tasks are carried out, what the daily work routine looks like and with which other departments the position intersects. The other part describes whether the employee will work in a team or by themselves and to whom the future job holder will report. 

In a second step, the desired professional qualification is discussed between the client and the contractor. Professional qualifications include the desired education/training and the required work experience for the position. Furthermore, language skills as well as the required language level such as “good knowledge of spoken and written language” should be mentioned here. It also includes computer skills, for example experience with certain programmes such as SAP and knowledge of Excel. In addition to professional qualifications, this section also includes qualities that the potential job holder should possess, such as service orientation or diligent working methods. 

Furthermore, the contractor should be instructed on the details of the remuneration structure. The potential candidate is interested in what they will earn and what other benefits the company offers, such as holiday pay. The number of vacation days, whether the contract is fixed-term or permanent and how long the probationary period lasts are also important topics for discussion. 

Likewise, it is also crucial for the service provider to get to know the corporate culture, since the right candidate should not only fit the company on a professional but also on a corporate level. 

If these elements are all covered in a briefing, there is a great possibility that the right candidate for the position will be found.