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The term “application management” refers to all processes and procedures that guide an applicant through the application process. Application management is a segment of recruiting which focuses on the administration of application documents, the communication with the applicant as well as internal coordination processes.

The aim of application management is to save costs and time through an efficient process. Applications should be processed quickly because the applicant is waiting for feedback from the company. Therefore, the company should immediately acknowledge receipt of the application documents. This can be done automatically with the help of application management software. Another advantage of using a software solution is that everyone involved in the recruiting process can access the application documents and make notes on who they would like to invite to interviews. The software can also be used to track which job listing the applicant applied for. This can help deduce which website shows the highest response rate.

Another aim of application management is to find the right candidate for the open position. Additionally, application management also focuses on improving the employer’s image. Quick and professional processing of the application will make a good impression on the applicant, which can have a positive impact on the candidate experience as well as employer branding.

Important criteria for successful application management are speed and regular communication with the applicant. It is recommended to continuously inform the applicant about the status of the application as well as the application process in order to shorten the waiting time.