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Not only due to digitalisation, there has been a change from traditional, conservative application processes to more modern and online-supported processes. Find out here which application documents are required. 

Application documents are still the main requirement in most companies to be invited to a job interview. Whether the application is submitted on paper or online, it is crucial that the documents are complete and accurate. A complete application portfolio should include a motivational letter, the CV, certificates and additional qualifications, such as completed language courses. 

The motivational letter is the most personal document in an application portfolio. The applicants highlight their knowledge and competences as well as their positive characteristics, for example their commitment or ability to work as part of a team. It is highly recommended to not only list the qualifications but use examples to illustrate them. The applicants should also pay extra attention to spelling and grammar. Mistakes leave an unprofessional and negative impression. Empty phrases should be avoided in the motivational letter and the applicants should aim to distinguish themselves from the masses by using unique expressions. 

The applicants use the CV to illustrate their life and career to date. The CV can be structured in the form of a table or as text, however, the table is easier to read and clearer. The CV starts with the current occupation and will then continue backwards chronologically. Gaps in the CV leave a negative impression. Periods of unemployment or of self-discovery should also be listed. 

Some applicants include a third page to distinguish themselves from the other applicants. Here they often list special abilities and go more in-depth on their reasons for applying. However, this document is not a must. 

Certificates and additional qualifications should be attached to the application. The order should correspond to that of the CV. The employer’s references are followed by the most recent educational/training certificate. Finally, continued education or other qualifications should be attached. 

Most companies only expect applicants to apply online. It is important to compile all documents in one file if possible and to label them well. The size of the file should not exceed 5 MB. The order of the documents is identical to that of the written application