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AI provides support in a number of areas in recruiting, such as staff demand planning, Active Sourcing or the creation of position and applicant profiles. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be of valuable support to companies in the field of recruiting. Artificial Intelligence is a computer system that intelligently imitates human behaviour. 

AI software can already determine the demand for staff during personnel planning. This is particularly interesting to companies if demand is fluctuating, for example due to seasonal influences. AI software will evaluate past data and generate personnel planning in line with demand. 

AI can also be used to generate a requirement profile. Compiling data from various past job listings, it can create the ideal listing. At the same time, the system can make suggestions on which recruiting channels resonated the most with applicants in the past. 

Once the applicants have submitted their data, AI software can also be used in the pre-selection process. For this purpose, the applicants’ documents are analysed and algorithms are used to suggest which candidates should be invited for an interview. 

Artificial Intelligence can even be used during the job interview. It is possible to create a personality profile based on the rate of speech, the pitch of the voice and the vocabulary used. 

Additionally, AI can be used to support Active Sourcing. Using Chatbots, candidates can be approached individually. The virtual assistant can answer questions and thereby generate interest in a position with candidates. 

Artificial Intelligence cannot replace recruiters, but it can support them in their day-to-day business. Pre-selecting applications or sending automatic acknowledgements of receipt as well as automatic rejections can save valuable time that can then be spent on other tasks.