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Content Marketing comprises informative and entertaining content. These contents provide information about the products and services of a company, which are tailored to the respective target group in order to appeal to it and win it over as new customers.

As the name suggests, this marketing strategy is all about content. This should not only be entertaining for the target group but should also provide substantial and in-depth information.

This strategy is intended to ensure that a connection to the company or brand is established or strengthened. Ideally, this leads to customers being won over permanently, not only once or temporarily. Lastly, it aims to increase and maintain the willingness to buy.

The reach and presence of the company are expanded by sharing the content on multiple platforms and possibly reaching groups of people and customers that otherwise would hardly or not all come in contact with the content. As a result, Content Marketing can turn out to be less cost-intensive than other marketing strategies.

This strategy is not necessarily about a certain product but more about the company in general. This can be rather costly and time-consuming in some instances. Possible formats include podcasts, blogs or videos as well as a presence on well-known social media channels. The focus is always on making the content as SEO-optimised as possible in order to come out at the very top.

Part of the rewarding result of providing meaningful and useful content is that customers trust the company and come back to it again and again, or stay for the long haul. Content marketing allows customers to approach the company in a self-determined way and, if desired, to enter into direct contact. This way, important insights into the respective target groups can be gathered as well.


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