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FOCUS awarded BrainTalents with the title of the Top Personal Service Provider 2022. We express our gratitude towards those who voted for us in the “Professional & Specialist Search” Category.

The news magazine FOCUS has been publishing recommendation lists in various industries for over 20 years. In cooperation with the renowned research institute Statista, a detailed online survey is now conducted annually in various business sectors. Only the best companies in the industry receive awards, we personnel service providers were also put through our paces by FOCUS.

Over 3.000 placement agencies in check

The competition was really high this year: In the field of personnel service providers, only 220 of about 3,000 placement agencies made it into the final Top List 2022, which is why we are all the more pleased with the nomination and award!

The top list itself is divided into various categories and provides information on the services offered by the individual staffing firms and the key industries in which they are active. BrainTalents falls into the “Professional & Specialist Search” category with its specialization in digital specialist recruitment.

How have we made it in the FOCUS lop list?

What is special about the FOCUS lists is that they summarize all the assessments of the stakeholders in a comparable point value. In this way, applicant data, client recommendations, mostly from HR managers or HR employees as well as statements from colleagues are collected, evaluated and analyzed.

The survey participants were contacted directly in order to obtain immediate and meaningful data on the participating companies. To ensure representative coverage, attention was also drawn to the survey via FOCUS’ social media presence. Only professionals such as other HR service providers, HR managers and job seekers were surveyed.

In order to be included in the FOCUS list as a top personnel service provider, a minimum number of mentions and recommendations of the company as well as an above average overall score across all evaluation dimensions must be achieved. Conversely, this means for BrainTalents: Our work not only stands out positively to our customers, but also to our competitors.

Verified Quality over Quantity

To ensure the highest quality of the FOCUS Top List, the survey is repeated every year and carried out again on the basis of current data and recommendations. To ensure that fake ratings can be ruled out, all participants and recommendations made are checked by Statista. The Hamburg based statistics portal is the world’s leading business data platform. Recommendations made by the company’s own staff as well as unauthorized participation in the survey are immediately filtered out by their close meshed checking process and excluded from the study.

All companies that made it into the top personnel service providers were checked several times including BrainTalents. In the process, it was checked whether all available information was correct and up to date.

Among other things, the survey participants evaluated the quality of the service, the price/performance ratio, the communication during the placement process, and the placement speed. BrainTalents was rated above average in all categories. We were particularly pleased that our expertise in the digital industry and our high quality of service were singled out for praise. This shows us that we are on the right track and that our company philosophy of “quality over quantity” pays off in the long run. In addition, the award spurs us on to do our placement work even better in the future. So that we can defend our title as FOCUS Top Personnel Service Provider next year as well.