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BrainTalents wurde ausgezeichnet als “Arbeitgeber der Zukunft”

The German innovation institution of sustainability and digitalization (referred to as DIND) analyzed our company under a comprehensive assessment and found that we were the employer of the future.

We are happy that we were assessed on innovativity and sustainability.

In order to receive the “Employer of the Future” certification, we were put through our paces and tested for “future readiness” by leading sustainability experts. The assessment process took place in three steps, which we will examine in more detail below.


The first step of the extensive DIND auditing process is a kind of “quick check”. The sustainability of companies is determined on the basis of 15 specified questions. We were already able to score with an up to date and versatile online presence.

This first impression was crosscheck with the so-called manager interview. This interview influences the business strategy of the company, and their implementation to the day to day business. The subsequent expert evaluation takes place under the defined criteria and assessed on how future proof and sustainable the company is set up. 

Both the CEO and BrainTalents founder Manuel Huhmann as well as the DIND are convinced of the sustainability concept of BrainTalents: in the previous yearwere we able to successfully expand our position and that in a very dynamic growth market. Finally,  the “exterior check” which is the last auditing module was convinced of our very impressive online reputation. 


Digital recruiting is our speciality. It is a part of the BrainTalents DNA and we communicate this expertise to the outside world. Both on our website and on various online platforms, such as Facebook, kununu or LinkedIn.

But in addition to our customers, our employees in particular profit from our strong understanding of the digital labor market and our modern corporate culture. Internally, too, everything at our company revolves around innovation, the future of digital work and the further development of new technologies. We actively support our employees in regularly acquiring new skills and continuing their education. This includes Business English courses, attending seminars and conferences, as well as sports and fitness programs. We make sure that corporate goals are communicated transparently and that each team member receives individual support. This strengthens the identification with our company and creates an appreciative, motivating working atmosphere. Specifically, our modern and flexible conditions are very valued. We rely on trust and individual responsibility instead of micromanagement. 


The fact that our management approach is a recipe for success is also proven by Social Listening, which was carried out in the course of the DIND assessment. Social Listening works with web monitoring and analyzes how a company is rated in social media and platforms according to defined criteria. The DIND screening of Google reviews, Facebook, LinkedIn and kununu showed that BrainTalents has consistently positive references. Our employees and applicants take the time to comment online about our working atmosphere, the premises and individual training opportunities. This is not a matter of course and we appreciate this positive feedback very much.

BrainTalents’ focus on digitization and sustainability has been rewarded in several ways: last year, we were able to further increase both our brand awareness and the trust in our brand. Customer loyalty is currently at an equally high level as new customer acquisition. The steady increase in sales also confirms our strategy. In addition to the positive market forecast in the area of digital specialist recruitment, there are additional growth opportunities for us in new business areas such as executive search and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).



However, DIND’s comprehensive audit also revealed growth opportunities and development potential. After all, this is also what makes a company fit for the future: Always questioning one’s own corporate culture and adapting it where necessary. This mindset has already enabled us to improve our application processes in the past, as evidenced by recent ratings on the kununu platform.

Our current priorities include optimizing our website performance. We also want to become even more visible online in the future: With relevant and regular content on LinkedIn and Xing. Other social media platforms, such as TikTok, will also be considered in the future for a particularly target group oriented approach.